Health Outcomes Course

Health Outcomes and Health Economics – One Day Workshop

What the workshop will cover

This workshop will cover what health outcomes are, how they can be measured and just as importantly, valued. A range of PBAC and MSAC issues will be covered, including literature search principles, critical appraisal of data, synthesis of data and statistical analysis fundamentals. Additionally, Quality of Life (QoL) instruments and utilities will be examined, and real life examples of utility instruments will be analysed. The different types of economic evaluations including cost-minimisation, cost effectiveness, cost-utility and cost-benefit analyses will be explored. The session is very hands on and will give attendees the chance to do their own critical reviews, utility calculations and cost-effectiveness analysis.


Session 1: Introduction to health outcomes measurement
Session 2: Steps to assessing direct measures of health outcomes
Session 3: Analysis of outcome measurement
Session 4: Quality of life instruments
Session 5: Economic modelling


Why attend

Seminar attendees will gain knowledge on the fundamental principles of Health Outcomes and Health Economics, and the application of these principles both in the Australian and overseas environments.

Gain first-hand insights on the current environment, including opportunities and challenges for market access. With an increased competitive environment and tight healthcare funding in Australia, understanding health outcomes and health economics is increasingly acknowledged as being critical to commercial success.

Who should attend

Those who are currently not working in market access would benefit from gaining a broad understanding of the principles of health outcomes research and health economics

About Illuminate Health Consulting

Illuminate Health Consulting is an Australian based Health Technology Assessment, Health Economics and Health Outcomes consultancy with over 20 years of experience both within Australia and internationally.

Within Australia we have extensive experience in PBAC and MBS applications, and establishing the optimal pricing and reimbursement strategy for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, devices and diagnostic services. Our clients also engage in projects across Asia and the rest of the world in economic modelling and budget impact assessments.


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