Illuminate GREEN

Illuminate GREEN

Illuminate GREEN is Australia’s first dedicated pharmaceutical e-procurement system and will revolutionise your approach to tender management.

Save time and reduce stress

Accurate automation of key calculations based on up-to-date federal pharmaceutical data saves time and resources.

Procure lower prices

Speed to tender, bundle deals and live auction features help to increase competition and drive better deals.

Full control of current and past tenders

Dashboard analytics and easy access to all your past tenders provides the intelligence you need to make informed decisions.
How does it work?


Input Key Details

Set your RFT parameters such as type, start and finish dates and contact periods.

Product Details

List all products in the tender. Details can be input or copied from a previous tender to save time.

Product Specifications

Select from preloaded specifications for each product which you want to request from suppliers.


Supplier details are preloaded. All you have to do is select those who you wish to invite to tender.

Save & Publish!

Publishing your tender automatically sends the RFT to invited suppliers to participate


Bid Submissions

Supplier bids will appear on your dashboard and be available for evaluation after the RFT closing date.

Bid Evaluation

Easily review bids by filtering by bundle pricing, product or specific items within bids. Simply exclude items that you do not wish to be included in the awarded tender.

Award Tender

Once you have finished excluding unwanted bids, awarding the tender is as simply as pushing a button! The winning bidders will be notified.

Key Benefits:

Easy setup and adoption

Based on your existing workflow, just streamlined into a single, transparent system.

Save time and cut errors

Preloaded organisation details, product and market data, and supplier details reduce manual input of data.

Keeps records securely, all in one place and at your fingertips

Easily review past and current tenders right from your dashboard.

Reduce time taken to run a tender

Increases competition and allows time for clear consideration of tenders.

High-level of ongoing support and security

Continued collaboration with industry to improve capabilities of the system over time.