Market Access Solutions

Assessment of healthcare markets, payer systems and policy to provide advice that will give your product the best chance of success.

  • Reimbursement strategy
  • PBAC submissions
  • Prosthesis and MSAC submssions
  • PHARMAC submissions
  • Hospital formulary submission
  • Market access feasibility studies
  • Submissions to reimbursement authorities internationally, including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, USA, Scotland, England & Wales, Italy, Germany, Sweden and others
  • Global pricing studies

Outcomes Research

Evaluation and critical appraisal of evidence on the safety and efficacy of new and existing treatment options. This includes:

  • Health technology assessment
  • Critical assessment of clinical trial evidence
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Direct and indirect statistical analyses
  • Patient preference determined via discrete choice analysis
  • Biostatistics input and interpretation
  • Utility studies and willingness to pay studies
  • Epidemiological research
  • Medical writing
  • Adapting clinical trials
  • Real world evidence studies

Pricing and Risk Sharing Solutions

Understanding current price trends for long term commercial success for both new and existing products:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Risk sharing arrangements
  • Post-market analyses
  • Price and volume impact assessments

Economic Evaluation

Illuminate has extensive experience in building from scratch and also adapting the full range of economic evaluations and budget impact analyses:

  • Build decision analytical models including global models
  • Budget impact models
  • Model adaptations in Australia and Internationally
  • Cost utility analysis; Cost effectiveness analysis; Cost Benefit analysis


Development of proprietary data assets to support the long term commercialisation of many pharmaceutical products:

  • Illuminate RED: Longitudinal PBS price/utilisation database, and PBAC decisions

International expertise

A major part of our expertise is on international projects. These have included the following:

  • Multi-country model adaptations
  • Multi-country budget impact models
  • Global pricing analysis
  • Building models which have been adapted internationally